Our customers often have very specific tasks that place the highest demands on the expertise, experience, understanding and interdisciplinary thinking and action of our employees. This was also the case in the example of a pharmaceutical company that needed a filling line for powdered, toxic drugs and turned to us.

A particular challenge of this request was that no powders or aerosols were allowed to escape to the outside during the filling process and cause contamination to employees and the environment. Complicating this fluidic application was the fact that the environmental conditions for the use of such a device are by no means constant, but change from time to time.

Together with the customer, a promising approach was quickly identified: A so-called safety workbench (a work environment with an integrated trigger device) was used. These are used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill powdered toxic drugs, weigh them or perform other manipulations. In this process, the air drawn in at the workbench is exhausted via the building services; the pollutants are captured and extracted directly at the source. Such a plant must function without malfunctions and, moreover, must be adjusted in such a way that the powder does not get into the downstream activated carbon filter.

Thanks to the high and also very broad expertise in production support of our employees, it was possible to develop an optimal solution using a wide range of technologies and processes, which has long since proven itself in practice.