Maximum cost control

80% of subsequent product costs are determined in the early stages of design and development. By involving Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH in the concept phase of product development at an early stage, cost advantages of 20-30% can be demonstrably achieved.

We implement design-to-cost and design-to-manufacture approaches from the first draft and are specialists in the industrialization of mechatronic products.

Our project teams are composed of engineers and technicians from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, process engineering and manufacturing technology and carry out customer-specific developments in close cooperation with the customer. If further expertise is required, we have access to an extensive local competence network.

In addition to numerical simulation methods (FEM, flow simulation), CAD systems (CreoElements, SolidWorks) and professional data management are used in development.

During the development phase along the product engineering process (PEP), we create technical documentation and test concepts, develop prototypes with subsequent qualification, and also perform certifications (e.g. CE/UL) on request.

All services

Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH is a specialist in the development and manufacture of complex customer-specific mechatronic systems in small and medium series.

As a modern development and manufacturing partner, our interdisciplinary team of specialists accompanies you from the initial idea to series production.

Project Management

Our experienced project management supports reliable and efficient project realization as well as transparent and efficient communication in every situation.


We offer customized product development for systems and sub-systems with high integration. You benefit from the direct feedback between development teams and production areas as well as the cross-industry solution know-how of our experts.


The close cooperation of our developers with in-house manufacturing specialists guarantees solutions suitable for series production in the shortest possible time – you benefit from “design-to-manufacturing” and “design-to-cost” expertise from the very first draft.


From functional prototypes to series production – efficient and cost-optimized at DTMT thanks to state-of-the-art machinery. We reduce expensive and time-consuming development loops through high vertical integration and are experts in both sheet metal forming technology and mechatronic assembly.


We assemble modules and systems on an area of around 35,000m². Our customers benefit from short throughput times of the flexibly and efficiently organized assembly with the associated quality and testing processes.


Our ERP-supported supply chain management ensures on-time delivery and high availability, even for complex products and systems.

Quality Management

Whether in the continuous series or during the qualification phase – highest quality is our permanent claim.

Your advantage

starts here. Contact our experts and secure your competitive edge with us.