Toll Collect

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Toll Collect project Development and realization of 1500 terminals for indoor and outdoor toll collection The end customer Toll Collect has been operating the world's first satellite-based toll system for trucks on highways in Germany on behalf of the German federal government since January 1, 2005. The tender to set [...]


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Liquid scanner "EMILI 2": Packaging optimized In the fastest liquid scanner for airport security screening, DTMT has optimized the packaging of the sensor technology and electronics and kept an eye on the planned economic series production from the outset in all development and design steps. In this way, it has [...]


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SKAN Our customers often have very specific tasks that place the highest demands on the expertise, experience, understanding and interdisciplinary thinking and action of our employees. This was also the case in the example of a pharmaceutical company that needed a filling line for powdered, toxic drugs and turned to [...]

Ticket vending machine ticomat 9010

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Ticket vending machine "ticomat.9010": High-tech vandal-proof DTMT developed the housing of the keyless, vandal-proof ticket vending machine for Trapeze-Elgeba Gerätebau GmbH from Bad Honnef. Hehas a continuous, smooth glass front, interrupted only by the recesses for cash insertion, cards and ticket issuance. As burglary and vandalism at train and bus [...]

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