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Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH is a market-leading system supplier of electromechanical components, modules, assemblies and systems for OEM customers around the world. We manufacture our products in small and medium series individually according to customer requirements – and on their behalf and label.

Of course, we commit ourselves to confidentiality, if requested by the customer. Therefore, on this website you will find only selected examples from our more than 21,000 manufactured products.

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Own products




Visual Quality Control System (VQC)

Optical quality control for more throughput

The VQC (Visual Quality Control) developed by Deutsche Mechatronics is a 2D image processing system for optical quality control of opaque 2D blanks. The 2D image processing system makes it possible to inspect almost all components produced by punching, laser, plasma or waterjet in the shortest possible time with an extremely high level of accuracy – directly on the shop floor in the immediate vicinity of the processing machines, and with a basic measurement uncertainty of only 0.03 mm. All contours and position tolerances are checked against the CAD drawing.

The VQC system works absolutely reliably even under harsh workshop conditions. This enables your employees to carry out documentable quality inspections in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 independently and in a very short time. In this way, we reduce the downtime of your CNC processing machines through initial, intermediate, final or 100% inspections and prevent serial defects.

The quality check takes only a few minutes and is equipped with a color display. Documentation can be saved in a measurement log and/or sent to a printer.

The VQC from Deutsche Mechatronics reduces downtimes of your CNC machines and detects errors even during production. Quality control made by DTMT.

VQC Brochure

Our VQC brochure in PDF format


Maximum safety for powder filling

SKAN is Deutsche Mechatronics’ unique solution for the safe filling of powdered, toxic drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is a so-called safety workbench, i.e. a work environment with an integrated fume hood. This is used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill powdered toxic drugs, weigh them or perform other manipulations. In this process, the air drawn in at the workbench is exhausted via the building services; the pollutants are captured and extracted directly at the source. Such a plant must function without malfunctions and, moreover, must be adjusted in such a way that the powder does not get into the downstream activated carbon filter.

A particular challenge and achievement of our technicians is to ensure that no powders or aerosols escape to the outside during the filling process and cause contamination to employees and the environment. Even with constantly changing ambient conditions.

Thanks to the high and also very broad expertise in production support of our employees, it was possible to develop an optimal solution using a wide range of technologies and processes, which has long since proven itself in practice.

SKAN from Deutsche Mechatronics is our solution for a safe workbench with integrated discharge device for filling powdered, toxic drugs. Product innovation at the service of our customers.

SKAN brochure

Here you will soon find our SKAN brochure in PDF format


Modular low voltage systems

MODAN is a system solution for low-voltage power supply developed by Deutsche Mechatronics.

DTMT is one of three license partners worldwide approved by EATON for the production of MODAN. From project planning, customer-specific engineering and manufacturing to implementation, commissioning and on-site user training, our customers receive all services from a single source.

MODAN from Deutsche Mechatronics sets new standards in terms of reliability, safety and innovation for low-voltage systems. Individually from a single source.

MODAN brochure

Our MODAN brochure in PDF format

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