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Software Software To ensure that all modules along the process chain mesh optimally, our software developers work hand in hand with the customer and all areas of product development. With different programming languages and software applications we enable optimal compatibility and usability. In doing so, we realize the individual customer [...]

Electrical engineering

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Electrical engineering Electrical engineering Our electrical engineers and electronics technicians assemble and wire electrical and electronic components - even under ESD-protected conditions. Each system is as individual as our customers' requirements. Therefore, we design and implement customer-specific automation solutions with individual wiring designs - we are also happy to realize [...]


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Mechanics Mechanics Our experienced experts are setting new standards in modern laser, stamping and forming technology and assembly in an area of over 70,000 square meters. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art production technologies with the associated planning and control methods in our ultra-modern machinery. In this way, we guarantee [...]

Process engineering

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Process engineering Cost control by simulation By using numerical simulations for fluidic and thermodynamic tasks, we can design constructions and components of heat and air technology realistically and efficiently already in the concept phase. This reduces development time, saves iterations and thus costs. [...]

Quality Management

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Quality Management Optimal process control Quality without compromise with high variance and on-time delivery. That is the claim of Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH. Individual requirements are taken into account from the very first design with a focus on the greatest possible process stability. Our quality management does not take place before [...]


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Logistics On-time delivery with DTMT Our shipping and forwarding experts handle the delivery and shipping processes for our customers. An on-time delivery to our customers is essential for our success. We use our PPS system and detailed capacity planning to ensure exact adherence to schedules and high availability at [...]


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Assembly Most careful quality control We assemble modules and systems of high complexity and variance with short throughput times on an area of around 20,000m². This includes mechanical, process and electrical assembly, if necessary also in ESD-protected areas. An essential feature for achieving maximum efficiency and adherence to schedules is [...]


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Production Modern production for small and medium series At our Mechernich site, we use a wide range of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and are a renowned industry player in the production of complex sheet metal assemblies. Thanks to our high-tech machinery with a high degree of automation in the areas [...]


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Construction Optimized solutions and concepts In the design phase, the implementation and optimization of the solutions requested by the customer takes place. Solutions that incorporate as much manufacturing technology as necessary and know-how as possible to offer economical and highly innovative products from prototype to series production. We take into [...]


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Development Maximum cost control 80% of subsequent product costs are determined in the early stages of design and development. By involving Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH in the concept phase of product development at an early stage, cost advantages of 20-30% can be demonstrably achieved. We implement design-to-cost and design-to-manufacture approaches from [...]

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