Proprietary product developments


Visual Quality Control System (VQC)

Innovative Image Processing For 2-D Blanks


The VQC System developed by Deutsche Mechatronics is the leading optical quality control of opaque 2D blanks for years. The 2-D image processing system allows to examine almost all components produced by punching, laser, plasma or water jet in a very short time with extremely high accuracy – and this on the shop floor in the immediate vicinity of the processing machines.

The VQC system works reliably even in harsh workshop conditions. After a short instruction the machine operators are able to perform independently and within the shortest time quality tests fully complying with the necessary documentation requirements. The downtime of expensive CNC machine tools due to initial, intermediate, final or 100% tests is considerably reduced. Serial defects are reliably prevented.


VQC 12-16

VQC 12-20 & 10-10