Proprietary product developments



Customized Modular Low-Voltage Systems


MODAN is a low-voltage distribution from Eaton for the most demanding project requirements and high currents up to 6,300 amperes. It offers special solutions for temperature monitoring, real-time monitoring of system security and high availability through plug-in technology.

Deutsche Mechatronics, as Eaton license partner for the design and construction of MODAN low-voltage distribution, has a separate division with a modern copper processing, module assembly and complete housing assembly as well as the facilities for an efficient wiring including automated test equipment.

Our product range includes all services from the revision of specifications to project planning up to manufacture of the allocations themselves. Special implementations adapted to the requirements of individual customers’ request, are possible, too. The on-site installation is usually done by our Step-2-Partners deploying internationally the necessary service technicians. Short delivery times are the rule even with complex tasks.


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