Milestones in our Company History.


Customers of Deutsche Mechatronics benefit from comprehensive expertise from over 60 years product and development experience.

1947 A repair shop for transformers becomes part of the "Electricity Actien-Gesellschaft vorm. W. Lahmeyer & Co " for production of transformers with 50 employees to start with.
1963 Development and production of compact transformers of powder-coated, galvanized sheet steel for long-term outdoor use; 265 employees. By 2000, more than 50,000 "LAHMEYER Compactstationen®" have been delivered worldwide. The oldest of which are still in operation.
1985 Decades of experience in sheet metal processing and electrical engineering enable the development of enclosures and devices for different applications and the integration of complex automation and control technology.
1994 The company started the development and manufacture of OEM modules - infrared and hot-air drying systems, systems for air and vacuum supply, dust removal and devices for laser processing, tool grinding machines, opto-electrical test and measurement systems as well as complex components
1998 Market Launch of the self-developed intelligent image processing system VQC (Visual Quality Control). Sheet metal blanks which are produced for example by punching, laser, plasma and water jet cutting, are instantly measured within accuracy of ┬▒ 0.03 mm using a VQC directly in the production area within the immediate vicinity of the machines.
2005 The company, divested from Lahmeyer AG and renamed RWE Mechatronics GmbH, becomes Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH and continues to grow rapidly as a partner and service provider for OEM - specific development, design and production of complete solutions for mechatronic systems and components.
2007 In the 60 years of its existence, the company has grown into one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Eifel Region and at the same time into a recognized and successful mechatronic-system partner for global industrial customers.
2009 Opening of a subsidiary of Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH in China. The VQC system (Visual Quality Control) is now "local to local" and produces locally for the Chinese market.
2012 Meanwhile 340 employees; implementation of a new powerful ERP system.
2014 Entry of Tri Star Group, Shanghai, as a majority shareholder. New growth prospects by engaging in the value-added processes of Tri Star.